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Banking Guide

Thinking about getting a new bank account and not sure where to start? Our beginners guide to banking takes you through all the basics from the types of accounts on offer to what factors to consider when choosing the one for you.

There is a good introduction to other financial services and a glossary to help to see through all those complicated terms. Banks and their products can be reviewed and rated so as to help others when choosing a new account of banking service.


Credit Card Guide

There are so many different credit cards out there on the market today it is difficult to know where to start. If you are after some advice before choosing your next card then the credit card guide can offer you a helping hand.

Starting with the basics the guide simply explains the types of card on offer. Whether you are looking for rewards or wanting to donate to charity whilst you spend or if you have a bad credit history, we go through all the available options. The guide runs clearly through the factors which might affect your credit card application, points out the questions you need to ask and describes the features that may be on offer so you can make your application with confidence.

If you have recently received your credit card and the small print and financial jargon is giving you a headache then our guide and glossary will help make things clearer.

You can review and rate all the top credit card providers so that others can gain advice from your good experiences or plastic nightmares!


IFA Guide

IFA Guide has been established to help visitors find information about financial advice easily and quickly. We aim to promote awareness of financial advice and its benefits to internet users and help consumers and businesses to locate local independent financial advice.

The directory can be searched by post code, address or firm name and the results are based on the latest industry data. This information is constantly updated in consultation with all the IFA's in the UK and is easily accessible to all. All this contributes to IFA Guide being the most comprehensive directory of its kind on the internet.

As well as helping you find the right independent financial adviser we also provide a selection of useful guides on various money-related subjects that may also help you with your financial decisions.