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Car Insurance Guide

Just bought your first motor and need some advice on insurance? Want to find out which type of insurance is best for your old classic car? This car insurance guide is the right place to start as it offers simple basic information on all aspects of motor insurance.

It takes you through the different types of policy available and explains the various types of insurance on offer for people in different circumstances or with specific vehicle types. Whether you are over 60, it's your first time on the road or drive a commercial vehicle there is information to help you.

Safety and security tips could help you prevent a theft so you can avoid having to claim on your policy and if all the insurance jargon confuses you then the glossary will help clarify all the small print.

The directory of providers will help you get started and you can help fellow drivers by leaving your comments and ratings on any car insurance providers you have had experience with.


Home Insurance Guide

If you have just bought a house for the first time and are baffled by the task of sorting out the right insurance for your bricks and mortar or have perhaps moved into rented accommodation and need to make sure your valuables are safe, then this guide should give you a helping hand.

It breaks down the sometimes complicated subject of home insurance into simple bite size chunks, starting with the basics and explaining the difference between buildings and contents insurance and what it will and will not cover. As well as information on standard policies, the guide also indicates the types of properties which may require specialist cover.

There is a good 'Help and Advice' section offering tips on maintaining your property and keeping it safe and secure so as to keep your policy valid and hopefully avoid having to make a claim on it. If you have had a good or perhaps a bad experience with a certain insurer then why not tell others about it by leaving your comments on the relevant provider page.


Travel Insurance Guide

If you are thinking of going on holiday but not sure where to start with travel insurance then this guide is for you. It starts with the basics, explaining why insurance is important and what will and will not usually be covered and goes through the various types of policy available.

There is information about specialist policies whether you are off on a backpacking or business trip or need cover for any crazy or dangerous activities with links to the relevant providers.

If the insurance jargon stumps you then the glossary will be useful and the help and advice section offers a good checklist of what your policy should cover, advice on how to stay safe and other useful resources and links. If you've got any of your own travel or insurance tips and advice then share it with fellow travellers by adding a comment on the tips page.