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Genealogy Guide

Have you always thought the idea of tracing your family history would be interesting but never really got round to doing it? This bright little guide might give you that encouraging push to get started.

The genealogy guide will answer questions why might have about where to start your research, what sources are available to you and how to get a family tree together.

There's a really comprehensive list of sources from libraries to groups and societies set up on the subject, with full contact details included.



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If you would like to write for iBlog.co.uk then e-mail copy@fubra.com


Water Pollution Guide

Water is a vital resource for the both the world's population and natural environment but many lakes, rivers and oceans are still regularly being affected by water pollution either accidentally or knowingly through our actions.

This guide to water pollution explains the different types of water pollution, what causes pollution and the potential dangers to the environment, nature and our health.

There are useful tips on how water pollution can be prevented and how to recognise common pollution problems at home. There is also an interactive area where you can leave any comments you may have about water pollution so that issues can be discussed with other users.