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Broadband Guide

Want to get connected but don't know the first thing about Broadband then start here with out guide. Broadband basics are explained in simple terms and technical jargon is deciphered.

You can browse through the major providers, find out what they have to offer and how to contact them and if you are already a broadband user then why not submit a review and rating of your supplier.


Electricity Guide

Find out all the information you need to know about the UK electricity industry and the companies operating within it.

If you are thinking of switching supplier you can read up on the all the companies, their background, contact details and the different services they offer.

Learn how to read your electricity meter, how electricity is generated and what do in an emergency. Gain useful tips on how to save energy which will help cut the cost of your bills as well as helping the environment.


Gas Guide

A useful overview of the UK gas industry and the companies operating within it.

Browse round the site for energy saving tips, industry regulations and news and advice on how to fix common problems or what to do in an emergency.

If you are thinking of switching suppliers, or just require information on a provider, visit our supplier pages to see a collection of contact details, tariff guides and general information about the companies.


Recycling Guide

Use our bright, informative guide to learn about recycling at home, in school or at work. Find out how to recycle different materials and what happens to certain products when recycled. Get tips reusing household items and how to spot recycled goods.

Print out our fun fact sheets and guides for your kitchen wall or classroom and learn about the importance of recycling.


Water Guide

A fun and informative guide where you can find out everything you need to know about the UK water industry and the companies operating within it.

Find water company and industry contact details easily all in one place. Learn how to fix some common water problems and who to contact in an emergency. Keep up to date with industry news and let check out Soaks' useful tips on saving water and helping the environment.